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Top Boating Destinations on Lake Erie

Sandusky, Ohio, is the perfect place to start your Lake Erie adventure! Located right on the shores of the Great Lake, Sandusky is an ideal boating destination for anyone aching to get out on the water.

The waters around Sandusky are just teeming with many boating opportunities that any smart sailor would know to take advantage of. While you’re staying with us here at Battery Park Marina, be sure to check out our top picks of the best boating destinations on Lake Erie near Sandusky!

Top Boating Destinations on Lake Erie

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Sandusky is best known as the home of Cedar Point Amusement Park, as well as plenty of other water parks and entertainment venues. When you’re in Sandusky, a visit to Cedar Point is practically mandatory!

The park boasts up to 18 world-class rollercoasters, other thrilling rides, a water park, dining options, live music, shows, and special events. If you decide to visit Cedar Point, prepare for a whole day full of family-friendly fun. Guest docks are available nearby in any of the park’s partnered marinas, just a 2-minute walk from the park itself, along with beach and dock access.

Bay Point Sandbar

Bay Point Sandbar is a narrow peninsula extending southward from Marblehead into Sandusky Bay. The 68-acre spot was recently bought by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy with the intent of preserving the natural beauty of the sandbar.

The sandbar is constantly shifting and changing with the tides but remains a popular congregation spot for many boaters. It’s a great place to meet fellow boaters, shoot the breeze, and marvel at the beautiful sight of Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay before you.

Kelleys Island

Kelleys Island is the biggest island in Ohio, the biggest American island on Lake Erie, and of the most visited boating destinations on Lake Erie. It’s a historical island abundant with nature and the simple joys of island living. The waters and coastline of Kelleys Island make for great boating, kayaking, paddling, and swimming. It could also give you the best views of the island.

There are plenty of other things you can do on Kelleys Island as well, such as hike and camp at Kelleys Island State Park or any of the island’s other nature preserves, see the Glacial Grooves or the abandoned quarry, take in the local history at Prescription Rock, or go around the entire island and check out the best local dining and hangout spots.


Put-in-Bay is Ohio’s premier Lake Erie vacation spot! Put-in-Bay is a beautiful lakeside town located on South Bass Island on Lake Erie and an excellent holiday destination. The island is well known for its laidback atmosphere, fantastic natural views, and of course, the very same bay that gave it its name, making it a popular stop for boaters for many, many years.

The town and the whole island itself boasts a wide variety of attractions, such as South Bass Island State Park, the Crystal Cave, Perry’s Cave Family Family Fun Center, Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial, and several local diners, pubs, inns, and wineries.

Middle Bass Island

Located near Kelleys Island and Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass Island has the perfect balance of nature and small-town comforts. More secluded than Kelleys Island and Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass Island is secluded, serene, and an ideal getaway for anyone wanting to leave the stress of everyday life behind and indulge in nature.

Middle Bass Island was originally named Ile de Fleurs, or the Island of Flowers, and is ideal for swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing, bird-watching, bicycling, and hiking. The island features lakes, beaches, plenty of marinas, a rich historic district, and a number of nature preserves and wildlife refuges where visitors may even catch sight of eagles’ nests. Middle Bass Island is also home to the historic Lonz Winery, which now operates as a museum.

North Bass Island

If you really want to get away from city life, the waters around North Bass Island are mostly undisturbed and peaceful. Indeed, the only way to reach North Bass Island is by plane or by personal watercraft, with a dock usually reserved for commercial transport. Most of the island is made up of vineyards while the remaining land remains commercially undeveloped. As of a 2007 census, the island only has about 2 dozen permanent residents.

589 acres of this 688-acre island are designated as the North Bass Island State Park where visitors can enjoy primitive camping with a special permit, picnicking, kayaking, fishing, birdwatching, wildlife viewing, and more. North Bass Island offers a unique taste of rural island life and the waters around the island are the perfect picture of peace.

The waters of Lake Erie continue to be one of the most popular boating destinations all over the country, and it’s no wonder! Boating Lake Erie can be a beautiful, serene experience and when you know all the perfect spots to go, it becomes an even more perfect experience for every kind of boater. Plan your next boating adventure on Lake Erie with Battery Park Marina,

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