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Family Fun on the Waterfront!

There’s always fun to be had out on Lake Erie, especially when you’re here in Sandusky! Check out all the family-friendly activities you can do here at the waterfront in Sandusky, Ohio.

Family-Friendly Fun on Lake Erie

Fun on the Water

There’s plenty of fun activities to do when you’re out on the water. The lake offers many great opportunities for watersports and other enjoyable pursuits for the whole family. The waters around Sandusky are great for tubing, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, jet skiing, and even parasailing.

Here you’ll discover plenty of ways to have fun on the water, whether you’re going solo or in a group. And of course, Sandusky is an excellent place to just cruise around in your boat or a charter, feel that sea breeze, and take in the sights and sounds of Lake Erie.

Water Parks and Amusement Parks

If there’s one thing Sandusky is best known for, it’s water parks and amusement parks. Sandusky is just chock full of entertainment hubs that both children and adults are sure to enjoy. Check out what Sandusky has in store for you!

Cedar Point

Sandusky’s very own Cedar Point boasts 18 world-class roller coasters and up to 70 thrilling rides for both kids and adults. Not just for the thrill-seekers, this amusement park also features a waterpark, a beach, dining options, shopping, and live events and music shows that’ll get your heart pumping in more ways than one. When you’re in Sandusky, a visit to Cedar Point is practically a must!

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor waterpark that’s open year-round and is perhaps best known for its 4-story tall tandem tube slide. It also features other waterslides, an arcade, a live-action roleplaying experience called MagiQuest, food, lodgings, and other special craft events. This place is sure to capture your attention and best of all, your imagination.

Castaway Bay

Castaway Bay is a Carribean-themed indoor waterpark that’s the perfect place to go for some classic waterpark fun. It has everything from traditional waterslides, splash areas, wave pools, tandem rafts, lagoons, and even a 50-person hot tub. They also have rides, games, an arcade, craft events, food, and lodgings. This waterpark is just a short ride away from Cedar Point, making it perfect for a detour or a day trip.

Islands And State Parks

Indoor fun isn’t the only thing you can look forward to in Sandusky. Whether you’re setting off in your own vessel or on a charter, these islands and state parks around Sandusky are sure to satisfy all your outdoor needs.

Kelleys Island

Kelleys Island is one of the most popular islands on Lake Erie. In fact, it’s the biggest one on the Ohio side of Lake Erie and the biggest American island on the lake. This island is known for being a great spot for boating, swimming, kayaking, paddling, hiking, wildlife viewing, and more. The island also has some wonderful historical sites, such as the Glacial Grooves and Prescription Rock.

Bass Islands

The Bass Islands, located just north of Kelleys Island, are another well-visited set of islands on Lake Erie. Consisting of three islands, appropriately called the South Bass, Middle Bass, and North Bass, these three islands, but especially the South and Middle, make for excellent getaways. They’re abundant in nature and loved for their relaxing atmospheres. The town of Put-in-Bay in Middle Bass Island is a popular destination for small seaside town vibes while Middle Bass Island is best known for its wineries and its serenity and secludedness.

Catawba Island State Park

Catawba Island State Park is a national preserve located right next door to Sandusky in the town of Port Clinton, Ohio. This ten-acre public park features boat ramps, picnic areas, a fishing pier, and fantastic shoreline views of Lake Erie. It’s a great place for swimming, fishing, picnicking, and just getting a good healthy dose of sun and waves.

Marblehead Lighthouse State Park

Marblehead Lighthouse State Park in Marblehead, Ohio, houses the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes. Visitors can climb to the very top of the lighthouse for a beautiful view of the lakes and a firsthand glimpse into what life was like back when the lighthouse was still new. Today, Marblehead Lighthouse State Park features a museum and picnic areas. The lighthouse is definitely makes for a picturesque view with the lake in the distance.

There’s simply no shortage of fun and adventure here on the waterfront of Lake Erie. Whether you’re looking for a more relaxing, laid back sort of fun, or high-energy day trips that’ll wake you right up, Sandusky has got it all! Book a slip with us here at Battery Park Marina and see for yourself!

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